PlotScope is available in two versions:  Standard and Pro.  The Standard version is an excellent choice for users that work with smaller data files and do not need advanced analysis features found only in the Pro version.  The Pro version unleashes the full power of PlotScope for advanced analysis and data handling.  The table below compares the two versions so that you can select the one that best meets your needs.

Plot Types
Strip-Chart plotsYesYes
X-Y-Y plotsYesYes
Multi-Plot plotsYesYes
Histogram plotsNOYes
Maximum parameters per file161024
Maximum parameters per plot812
Create/Edit calculated parametersNOYes
Parameter derivativesNOYes
Parameter integralsNOYes
Intelligent parameter auto-scalingYesYes
Intelligent parameter manual scalingYesYes
Forced parameter hard scalingNOYes
Maximum scans plotted10000Unlimited
Data export to CSVYesYes
Data export to ExcelNOYes
PlotScope Importer for importing dataYesYes
Custom data importsNOYes
Data smoothing (small, medium, large, custom)NOYes
Plot Features
Export plot statistics to textYesYes
Export plot statistics to ExcelNOYes
Intelligent zoom inYesYes
Intelligent zoom outYesYes
Forced hard zoom inNOYes
Dynamic cursor trackingYesYes
Dynamic parameter trackingYesYes

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