PlotScope is available in both Standard and Pro versions.  For information on the differences between the version, please see the Features pages.


PlotScope may be downloaded by clicking the Download button below.  The downloaded installation includes a 60 day evaluation license for the Pro version of PlotScope that is fully functional allowing you to explore all the many features of PlotScope.

NOTE:  The 60 day evaluation period will begin when you install PlotScope the first time.  Subsequent removal or reinstallation will NOT reset the evaluation period.  After 60 days, PlotScope will require you to enter a purchased license key.



To purchase PlotScope, simply select the version desired (Standard or Pro) and add it to your shopping cart below.  Then click the Check Out button which allows you to pay via any major credit card or with a PayPal account.  To pay via credit card, simply select the “Pay with a debit or credit card” option on the PayPal screen:

PayPal Credit Cards

You do NOT need to reinstall PlotScope after purchasing it if you have previously installed PlotScope.

After checking out with your PlotScope purchase, you will need to send a “Key Request” from within PlotScope to request your new license key.  Start PlotScope and click on the Help-Enter License Key menu.  This will display the “Enter License Key” dialog shown below.  Click on the button labeled “Request Purchased License Key” shown in red.


The “Send License Key Request” dialog will be displayed next.  Fill it out with all the required information and optional comments then click the Send Request button at the bottom.


PlotScope will automatically generate an email for you containing all the necessary information to create your custom license key.  The email should be sent to  Upon receiving your key request, a license key will be generated for you within 2 business days and emailed to you using the email address included in the request form.  Once you receive your new license key, enter it in the Enter License Key dialog and click Apply.  PlotScope will verify your license key is valid then update its settings to use it for all future sessions of PlotScope.  That’s all there is to it!

License keys are valid only on the computer that requested the key and will not work on another computer.  If you need to use PlotScope on multiple computers, simply purchase additional copies of PlotScope to obtain a license key for each computer.  Contact Eagle River Software if you have license questions.

Ready to purchase your copy of PlotScope?  Click on the version you want below and check out.  It’s that easy!

PlotScope Standard – $195


PlotScope Pro – $395


Upgrade from Standard to Pro – $200

(Requires a valid Standard license key)